Our investigators, exclusively employed by Strategik Intelligence Investigation, have an impressive background of experience. Together with the support of our administrative team and its rigorous methods that ensure client satisfaction, our investigators are able to meet those needs that are common to all companies: prevention and detection of theft, fraud and other acts that cause damage to a company and entail unnecessary costs.

Protection against crime is essential to all businesses. You need to protect your business from crime to avoid undesired situation that generate high costs and alter your business. Our investigators can help you eliminate this financial drain and the savings generated will largely cover the costs of our services.

Our highly qualified team of specialists is available to assist you in choosing a prevention strategy that will best suit your company’s needs or will suggest solutions for solving existing problems. Since a municipality is managed somewhat like a very large company, we are also targeting government authorities.

We now invite you to refer to the following headings to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you lower your costs and improve your productivity.

Pre-Employment Investigation
Workmen’s Compensation Investigation / Shadowing-Surveillance
Undercover Investigation
Electronic Surveillance
Support Services
General Investigation

Pre-Employment Investigation

We help companies screen potential employees to reduce unnecessary costs attributable to internal theft and fraud. Our Pre-Employment Investigation services will also increase your company’s productivity by enabling you to confirm the skills and qualifications of potential employees prior to employment.

This service consists in background checking of applicants. By consulting the applicant’s legal files and contacting his or her former employers and other references submitted, we are able to give our clients an overall portrait of the individual. The applicant’s credit file may also be verified.

The Pre-Employment Investigation is the best prevention strategy offered to our customers, as it will allow you to intervene at the very foundation of the company: the people you hire. This service will prevent companies from hiring individuals of doubtful integrity, but whose resume and performance during the interview gave a whole other impression. An individual’s criminal record and respect of financial obligations are not the only elements that demonstrate integrity. Absenteeism can also be an important factor that can be included in our Pre-Employment Investigation.

As well as preventing the hire of doubtful individuals, we are also able to determine the most qualified candidate in terms of competence and experiences, amongst a list of applicants. We can proceed with a more thorough investigation on the individual’s character. If you are searching for executive personnel, for example, we can orient our research toward that direction and facilitate selection of the perfect candidate amongst applications received.

A large number of our customers already take advantage of this hiring strategy which provides great benefits at a small investment.

Workman’s Compensation Investigation /

Stratégik Intelligence Investigations offers an investigation service to help reduce absenteeism within a company as it may occur that some employees will take unjustifiable absence from work. This service will help you uncover those employees that pretend illness or work incapacity to collect benefits while absent but nevertheless capable of accomplishing their work.

In order to fully understand the validity of this service, consider the fact that an employee who receives benefits from the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail may cost his or her employer up to three or four times his or her salary. To these enormous costs, you must add the CSST premium increases induced by a growing number of victims of industrial injuries. In the case of collective insurance, the premiums may increase significantly. It is clear that in both these situations the profitability and productivity of a company can be greatly affected.

The Workmen’s Compensation Investigation / Shadowing-Surveillance serve firstly the purpose of determining the real motives of an employee’s absence from work. The facts revealed during each step of the investigation and the subject’s activities are documented in order to provide you with necessary proofs should a fraud be suspected. These proofs come in the form of detailed written reports and video filming on site by the investigators.

Our investigators have been selected among the best in the business and we have built up a fine reputation in the field of Workmen’s compensation investigation. We have significant knowledge of the legal aspects of such cases as well as a long experience in this field. Of course, we remain up to date in terms of new case laws that can have an impact on required proofs.

Undercover Investigation

Undercover Investigation can make all the difference and is another way to intervene directly among your personnel. In some occasions, to get to the root of the problem it's necessary to infiltrate the perpetrators, whether it is employee mischief, crime like inventory and cash theft or corporate espionage resulting in client data theft. An undercover investigation can also reveal drug and substance consumption in the workplace.

The undercover investigator will infiltrate your personnel a certain period of time during which he will regularly submit a report of his observations of the situation as well as of the overall activities of the employees (work efficiency and attitude) that can also be damageable to the company. We will then transmit this information to you. Together, we will analyse the facts and evaluate the situation. Once the facts have been evaluated and the proofs gathered, we will suggest ways to correct the situation.

In brief, the undercover investigator will act as your eyes and ears while he infiltrates himself into the source of the problem. This strategic position within your employees will allow the investigator to witness privileged facts and actions, thus enabling him to gather information and proof that could not be obtained otherwise.

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance measures are considered important and effective. The camera can be invisible or visible to serve as an element of dissuasion. The goal in installing Electronic Surveillance is essentially the same as any other investigation strategy: saving you the useless costs incurred due to theft and other prejudicial actions.

Our specialized investigators know how to guide you in your choice of equipment and emplacement. The videotape produced by Electronic surveillance can be a precious bit of proof when an employee or even an outsider commits a crime or any prejudicial actions. Proofs gathered will enable you to undertake necessary action more easily (employee dismissal and/or legal procedures).

We also offer electronic scanning that can be most useful in times of dispute or work conflict as a counter espionage strategy. The service consists of visually and electronically scanning key areas and telephone equipment where surveillance equipment (cameras, microphones) is susceptible to have been hidden (executive offices, conference rooms, halls, etc.)

These spying materials can be dissimulated either by employees or competitors. During negotiations, for example, you can have peace of mind in knowing that hidden surveillance mechanisms are not endangering your negotiation strategy.

Support Services

Over the years, we have worked with numerous companies. With a wealth of experience behind us, we are able to advise and provide you with the best support when you are in need of security expertise or when there is conflict within your personnel, no matter what your business is. By using our Support Services, you will be freed of your security concerns and be able to concentrate your efforts on your company’s daily activities and thereby increase your overall productivity.

Our Support Services can be divided into two main categories as described above: 1) our security expertise and 2) our support in case of work conflict.

As stated above, our Support Services are divided into two categories: security expertise and support in cases of work conflict: in the first category, our work consists in offering general consultation as well as an in-depth analysis of the location. Our security adviser will go to your company location and will analyse the site as it pertains to security. Upon an exhaustive analysis, we will be able to provide you with detailed information concerning the improvement required for the areas at risk (controlled access, refitting of the area, camera, alarm system, etc.)

The second category is comprised of services such as: employee control, escort of direction during strikes for the duration of the conflict. Our investigators are very experience in court testimony. They are of precious help when it comes to testify in court against illegal actions perpetrated during strikes.


There are as many situations as there are different companies. Our vast experience can enable us to easily adapt to any particular situation. We will customize our investigation so we can meet all your needs and requirements, thus solving in an efficient manner any problems you may encounter. Our common goal is to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs induced by dishonest employees and practices.

General Investigation is comprised of all strategies implemented by or team of specialized investigators: networking, information analysis, polygraphic examination, employee questioning to determine the facts, context and situation. This type of investigation can be use for any type of theft, fraud or any other existing problems within the company.